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Unable to Send AOL Emails? Here are Some Solutions


One of the leading email platforms, AOL is great to use. However, while sending emails from AOL account, users often find certain issues. Sometimes, users cannot even send emails. To fix this issue, there are some troubleshooting techniques following which you can solve the issue very easily. Let’s dig deeper on what they are,

6 troubleshooting techniques to solve “Unable to send AOL Email” Issue-

1.    First and foremost, you should try to fix the issue by restarting the computer. When you shut down your system and then again restart it, the internal memory gets cleared. Often this step helps in solving the issue of your AOL email account.

Now, let’s move on to the next point,

2.    Well, are you using your AOL email account on an outdated or old browser, like the Internet Explorer? If the answer is yes, then it is recommended that you change it. Use a current web browser. If you do not have it in your system, download it. This will make sure that you have a smooth experience with your AOL email account.  

3.    If the issue still persists, you must check the display name of your account. Remember, emails will not get send if your display name consists of a combination of the word “AOL”. This might be a work of hackers. As a result, it is important to check the AOL mail settings and see whether your account has been compromised.

4.    Sometimes, you can easily fix any AOL mail related issues by clearing the cache memory of your browser. When you clear your device’s cache memory, it will result in a better performance. Therefore, you will be able to send emails from your AOL account without any problem.

5.    Another important troubleshooting technique that you can apply is disabling all those software that blocks pop-ups. You can temporarily disable it and check whether your issue is solved or not. Also, you can try to fix the problem by adding AOL to the whitelist. To do so, click on the shift keys while clicking on the links of the websites. However, there are many software vendors who will not allow you to perform this step unless you contact them.

6.    If all these above-mentioned steps fail to solve the problem, disable the firewall of your system. It is important that your system has as an enabled firewall since it provides protection from hackers. Also, it protects your system from various malware, virus, and Trojan attacks. However, while trying to fix the issue of your AOL email account, you might have to temporarily disable it. By doing this, if the problem is solved then it’s good otherwise, again enable it.

Therefore, these are some of the troubleshooting steps following which you can fix AOL email issue. In case, the problem remains, you should take expert help. In this regard, FixMyPrinters is your one-stop solution. Therefore, to avail, our service calls us at+1-888-336-7133. 


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