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Spot these Email Scams and Stay Away!


Email Scam is one of the most frequently occurred fraudulent activity in this digitalized world. Do you know there are various types of email scams? Well, for this reason getting yourself acknowledged with all these types of email scams is very important.


Identifying an email scam is an ART which you must know to keep yourself safe from all these cyber-criminals.

Chant this Mantra to yourself over and over again!

Now, without any delay, let’s dig into,

The top 4 types of email scams and how to identify them –

Email scams imitating reputed companies – many email scams will imitate various reputed companies to fool customers. In order to recognize such activities,

  • The sender’s email address is bogus
  • Your name will not be mentioned in the email
  • If you hover over the “Click Here” section, you will be able to see the URL of the destination

Urgent Offer Emails – Every day we get thousands of offer emails and most of these fall under the scam category. Best techniques to identify this type of emails are –

  • The email is from an unheard company and your name will not be there in the recipient’s address.
  • The email will show big offers to lure you
  • Asking your financial details

Scam lottery emails – This is by the far most common and straightforward scam of all time. Avoid it at any cost. Follow these traits to identify it –

  • Zero number of persons in the recipient list
  • The sender of such emails is a person
  • Your name will not be mentioned

Survey email scams – Most of the survey emails are basically nothing but scams. In order to identify it,

  • The email will not be sent from an official email address
  • No mention of your name

So, here are some of the most common types of email scam and how can you recognize them. However, these are some of the most generalized ways of identifying a scam email. Therefore, for better knowledge, it is always recommended to get help from Yahoo HelpLine.

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